About Veridion

Our Mission:

At Veridion, our mission is to build comprehensive profiles and gain deep insights into businesses with a digital presence. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, decision-grade data to empower informed decisions.

Our Data:

At the core of Veridion is our data manufacturing process, which ensures the reliability and accuracy of our data. Here's how we do it:

  • Web Indexing: The process starts by indexing the web, and our advanced machine learning models identify first-party content related to businesses. This includes data from their websites, social media profiles, press releases, etc.

  • Source Validation: We prioritize credible sources to ensure our information is trustworthy.

  • Data Extraction: Our trained models extract critical business details, such as company names, primary and secondary locations, business activities, contact details, utilized technologies, revenue figures, employee counts, product and service offerings, sustainability information, and industry classifications like NAICS and SIC codes.

Our Value:

We take pride in delivering exceptional value to our clients through our data offerings:

  • Data Accuracy: Every data attribute undergoes a rigorous validation process to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

  • Global Coverage: Our extensive database spans more than 80 million operating entities across 240+ countries, and we update it weekly to provide the most up-to-date information.

  • Data Freshness: We continuously monitor and update business profiles, ensuring our clients can access the latest insights.

Our Services:

Veridion's Match & Enrichment + Search Services enable users to access Veridion's rich data for informed decision-making:

  • Match & Enrichment: Veridion's Data Enrichment Service employs an advanced matching algorithm to enhance your business records. It enables you to supplement your data, assess potential risks, eliminate duplicates, and refresh outdated information. This results in a more comprehensive and insightful dataset, ideal for powering advanced analytics and enhancing downstream analysis. To learn more, visit How Match & Enrichment Works.

  • Search: Veridion's Search Services allow you to tap into Veridion's data and discover businesses based on their activities, capabilities, products, and services. This innovative approach eliminates the constraints of conventional search filters, providing a more flexible and effective search experience. To learn more, visit How Search Works.

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