The user passes a company’s details as input and obtains an enriched company profile as output.

The API requires just one company name as input, which can be either the commercial or legal name of the business, along with the country where the company is headquartered or operates.



Although the API can work with limited input, providing additional information is essential to avoid false positive matches.

Since company names often tend to be very common, especially commercial ones, including a more comprehensive company address, the phone number of the business, or the company's website can be extremely helpful.

The API allows passing in additional information in the input, such as:

  • Company address: The API will work with any level of specificity and format, for example:

    • Country only: United States or US (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format)
    • Partial address: Amsterdam, Netherlands or abbreviated TX, L4P2E1, US
    • Full Address: 430 THE QUEENSWAY S GEORGINA ON L4P2E1 CA
  • Phone number: A phone number associated with the company is a great way to prevent matching to a different entity named the same. Just like with addresses, the API will know to parse the phone number regardless of the format.

  • Website: The website / domain associated with the company is one of the best main identifiers for a company. This can be passed either as an URL ( or as a root domain (


Matching result

The API returns a single, best match result, leveraging Veridion's matching algorithm. Check this section if you want to know more: How the matching works.


Matching vs. Searching

Please note that the Match & Enrich API is not designed for search purposes. If your use-case involves discovering companies rather than matching records, please check the Complex Search API section.